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Public likes is currently the easiest way to make money online today  . The method they are using is called PTC (paid to click) this an online method that basically acts as  bridge between consumers and advertisers.Public like is currently paying 0.1 usd (kshs 10) per click which is the highest in the market Click here to join public likes

Their are  free accounts and paid accounts for the free accounts you only receive 5 adverts per day which translates to 0.5 Usd (kshs 50) you can get your free account today here. 

For the basic business account  you pay 45 USD (ksh 4500) and you get 25 adverts per day which translates to 2.5 Usd (ksh 250) this is quite a goo amount for less than 10 minutes of your time per day the other accounts is business premium and business gold for business premium you pay 140 usd (ksh 14000) for 50 adverts per day while business gold you pay 900usd (ksh 90000) and for this you get 100 adverts per day.

The account i would actually like to recommend you to register is business basic which will only cost you usd 45(kshs 4500) this kind of amount you can recover within 20 days of work that’s less than a month which is pretty good.

There are rumors that this is a pyramid scheme that could as well be the truth as i cannot prove other wise but since i have already received my two payments from them then all i can tell you the earlier you join the better because by the time it collapses we will have recovered all our investment. click the link bellow to join if not sure you can join with free account the you can update your account later.
Public Likes | Revolutionary Social Media Marketing